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He British people are proud of their theatre. The theatre ____ very strong in Britain (ALWAYS BE). Its centre is, of course, London, where ____ plays can sometimes run without a break for many years (GOOD). Every____ town in the country has its theatres (TWO). Even small towns often have 'repertory' theatres, where different plays ____ for short periods by the same group of professional actors (PERFORM). The theatrical format of the theatrical play ____ the British people a safe opportunity to look behind the mask of accepted social behaviour (GIVE). Except for the most famous, theatrical actors ____have comparatively little public recognition (THEY). Broadway producers when ____for the next blockbuster musical or a play, pay close attention to London production (LOOK ).

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1. has always been
2. best
3. second 
4. perform
5. gave
6. themselves
7. looking

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