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1. Match the words in the columns. Use each of them only once.
1). hand a). policy
2). boarding b). currency
3). insurance c). luggage
4). foreign d). desk
5). check-in e). pass
2. Fill in the gaps with the correct reflexive pronouns.
1). Have you made this dress....?
2). Help.... to some cake. It's really good.
3)." I think we can do everything....", said Peter.
4). She can dress.... . She is already 4.
5). Come in and make.... at home.
3. Choose the appropiate modal verb.
1). Shoud i return your book now?- No, you needn't/mustn't/couldn't.
2). You needn't/mustn't/shouldn't stay in the foreign country longer then your visa allows.
3). We should/have to/must visit our granny in the hospital,
4). At the airport your uggage must/can/should in the reading-hall.
5). You can't /mustn't/needn't talk aloud in the reading-hall.
4. Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions.
1). Help yourself.... scones.
2). Have you ever travelled.... ship?
3). Before going through the customes you have to fill.... the declaration from.
4). My bag was confused.... somebody's one at the airport.
5). T%omorow i'm leaving.... St. Petersburg.
5. Fill in the articles when necessary.
1). The most famous Italian river is.... Tiber.
2). What is the capital of.... Northern Ireland?
3). .... USA is situated in.... North America.
4). San Marino lies in.... Apennine Mountains near.... Adriatic Sea.
5). .... Iceland is a volcanic island.

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