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Срочно!!! Write an essay "If I could choose, I would live in a big modern city / in the country 200-250 слов 99 баллов + лучшее решение тому, кто сделает хорошо и быстро...

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If I could choose, I would definitely prefer to live in the countryside, and the number of reasons is countless. First of all the rushing pace of the city is somethig that I'm getting tired of. Social anxiety is the worst consequence of this constant stress; it leads to isolation and loneliness. But stress doesn't go anywhere. I'm not saying that living in the countryside allows you to become a completely laid-back person; you still need to work hard to make a living, but at least you can enjoy the air which is not poluted with traffic fumes, you can admire the views and just feel the long lost unity with nature. 
Moreover, as the towns and villages of the countryside are usually very small, the feeling of community is much stronger. Living in the city we often don't even know the names of our neighbours, while in the countryside your neighbours can become your close friends who will be happy to help you in need.
Another thing that matters a lot to me is the possibility of getting fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the ground. Instead of buying processed or genetically modified fod from the supernarket, you can grow your own greens or ask your neighbouring farmers for some goods. 
All in all, the countryside living seems much more appealing to me. Maybe my opinion is a bit idealistc and will change with time, but for now I would really enjoy spending a moth or two in a remote village somewhere by the lake surrounded by green hills.

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