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Придумайте по 1 предлржениюсо словами: already,yesterday,always,last night,when,,last week,just,ever,last mounth,never,ago,at 8 oclock,last year,in 1961.

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1. A: …How long… has she been an air hostess? 
    B: Since she left school.
2. A: Jonathan has moved house 
    B: What’s his new address?
3. A: I can’t phone you. I haven’t got a phone 
    B: Well. I’ll come to your house instead.
4. A: Has she finished her homework?
    B: Yes. She’s 
already finished it.
5. A: He eats a lot of vegetables, doesn’t he?
    B: Yes. He’s 
always liked vegetables.
6. A: Have you 
ever been to China?
    B: No, I have 
never been there.

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