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Explain how communication is important for building good relationships with other.нужно 6-7 предложений.помогите пожалуйста . можно и на русском языке

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In my opinion, good relations between people mean that
they feel comfortable with each other, understand and enjoy company of each other
and do it on a regular basis. There are a lot of people in the world and every
day we meet hundreds of people. That’s why it’s necessary to make people
interested in you and make them feel comfortable with you to develop relations.
If one wants people to be comfortable with him or her, he or she should know how
not to be rude, or boring or intrusive, in other words this person should be good
at communicating. Moreover, a person has to have a lot of experience in socializing
to be able to understand feelings, emotions, joys and sorrows of people.To sum up, to establish relations one must be perfect
at communicating. 

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