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Помогите ответить на вопросы. 3 .Circle the correct item. 1) Our flat ... two bedrooms. a) have  b) has  c) is 2) This is ... room. a) me  b) my  c) mine 3) I ...clean the floor every day. a) am not  b) have not  c) do not 4) My father usually ...our dog. a) feed  b) walks  c) walk 5) I always help my Mum to lay the ...before dinner. a) plants  b) dishes  c) table 6) ...live in a big house in Spring Road. a) He  b) She  c) They 4. Complete the questions. What Where Which Have Have How 1) Have you got a big room?  2)... many rooms are there in your flat?  3) .... room is next to the kitchen?  4) ....do you do your homework? 5) ....is there in your room?  6)... you got a house or a flat or a flat

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1 b
2 b
3 a
4 b
5 c
6 c
Номер 4
2 how
3 what
4 have
5 where
6 where

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1)а) have
2) a) my
3) a) I am not
4) b) walks
5 b) dishes
6 a) he
4) How many rooms are there in your flat?
3) which
4) what
5) what
6) have

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