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Прочти предложения и использую подсказки напиши условные предложения 1-Го типа, как в примере !!! 1 I don't want to put on my hat. (you get sunbum) you don't put on your hat, you'l get sunburnt(пример)  2 Let's go to New York (we/visit the statue of Liberty)  3 I want to stay up late. (you/not/be able/get up early for schoo)  4 He doesn't want to wear a jacket. (he/catch a cold)  5 She must leave soon. (she/not/miss the beginning of the film)

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2.If we go to New York we will (shall) visit the Statue of Liberty .
3.If you stay up late you will not be able to get up early for school.
4.If he doesn't wear a jacket he will catch a cold .
5.If she leaves soon she will not miss the beginning of the film .

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