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Вы хотите стать успешным человеком?Почему?Подумайте и скажите, какие черты характера вы должны в себе развить?

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To be a successful person is my dream .<br />Why ? To be important and valuable person that people can rely on .To help to my close relatives and to people who needs help.Success does not mean money , expensive cars for me . Success is to become a worthy man. I think successful person must be kind , polite , well-mannered , communicative and responsive .
There are many young people who are born in rich families and have everything they want - toys, cars, expensive clothes. All doors are open for them, but not all of them become successful, as they don’t appreciate what they have. No matter what is your family rich or poor all depends on you. If you have strong will and honest heart nothing will prevent you .Another useful quality is a sense of humor. Many people take their failures too seriously. A sence of humor helps us to feel happier and make happy other people .In conclusion , I’d like to say that successful people are those who are optimistic, active, respectful and able to take responsibility for their actions.

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