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Complete the sentences. Use the right form of the verbs in the box. get out of, run after, walk, run away, get into, climb, follow, move, touch 1. There weren't any buses or taxis, so we ____ to the station. 2. When I arrived at the bus stop, the bus was leaving. I____ it, but i couldn't catch it. 3. Don't ___ the cooker. It's very hot. 4. I saw my cat in the middle of the road. I tried to catch it, but it___ and___. 5. I don't know where the youth Hostel is, but we can ___ the YH signs. 6. Lisa can't find her hamster. It ____ it's cage last night and disappeared. 7. I can't ____ the house, because I haven't got a key. 8. Don't ____! There's a snake in front of you.

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7.get into

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