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Exercise 6 Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past perfect. When Swiss millionaires Justine Klaus(a) ____ (die) in Geneva at the age of seventy-nine, most of her family(b) ____ (come) to hear the details of her will hoping the old lady(c) ____ (remember) them. Instead they(d) ____ (get) a real shock. Justine(e) ____ (live) alone for many years and most of her family(f) ____ (not/see) her for several years. Her relatives(g) ____ (be) amazed when they(h) ____ (hear) that the old lady(i) ____ (leave) £370 000 to her favourite house plant! Justine said that for all those years the plant(j) ____ (be) her best and only friend. In contrast her family only(k) ____ (receive) £100 each.

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Однако , я сомневаюсь в своём ответе на "h"  "j". Может кто поможет? 
a. died
b. came 
c. remembered 
d. got 
e. had lived
f. hadn't seen
g.were amazed
h.had heard 
i. had left 
j. were 
k. received

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