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Раскрыть скобки (Present Continuous, Future Simple): 11. Providing that he (work) hard, he will finish his work on Thursday. 12. She has two keys in her bag in case she (lose) one. 13. Unless he (come), we (not go) to the country. 14. He (remind) you of your promise in case you (forget) it. 15. As soon as the lake (get frozen), she (go skating). 16. When you (turn) on the right, you (see) an old oak. 17. If she (keep) her promise, they (be) rich. 18. Unless you (look) at the picture at some distance, you (not see) the details. 19. Providing that nothing (happen), I (return) in two weeks. 20. If the wind (blow) from the west, it (rain). 21. If you (get) there before me, wait till I (come). 22. Provided all (go) well, I (graduate) in June. 23. He (not go) for a walk until he (do) his lessons. 24. He (not catch) the train unless he (leave) immediately. 25. We (not wait) till he (make up his mind).

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1 works
2 loses
3 comes/ won' t go
4 will reminded / forget
5gets frozen/ will go skating
6 turn/ will see
7 keeps /will be
8 look/won't see
9 happens /will return
10 blows/ it is raining( it will rain)
11 get/ come
12  goes/ will graduated
13 won' t go/ does
14 won ' t catch/ leaves
15 won t wait/ makes up his mind

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