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Get ready to speak about the cartoon you like/dislike. Mention the following Tge name of the cartoon and its director The plot of the film When and where you saw it Your impressious of the cartoon Сочинение

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Cartoon is very beautiful, stunning pictures of Atlantis, the first shots are fascinating - on the huge fish rushing Atlanta pursued an ocean wave ...very well-matched the characters! a lot of humor, a lot of philosophy - and yet very lively cartoon! it is not for children, sometimes a tragedy of the heroes need to think - when the crew dies, the doctor sends a candle in the sea, and all silent. Helga was a pity that yet to avenge his death last shot. It hurts when Milo shouted to friends, Are you also are corrupt, they are willing to kill and condemn to death? and strong point, naturally, when the team went on its side under the motto "though we love money, but not enough to give the killed an entire civilization."Of course, the Atlanteans have presented a very vibrant, colorful - white hair, dark skin ... no less colorful characters from "Team Earth" - a huge good-natured doctor, bookworm with a big heart Milo, crumpet-beautiful Audrey, who like a real mechanic repairs engines, Georgian demolition Winnie, manages to go with a cart of dynamite and light up))), telegraph, which chatters with his girlfriend when the ship sinks) and a strange French - brilliant digger - who manages to annoy all the girls and achieve their full hostility to its stunning person )))drawing technique is very beautiful - and this movie looks amazing and adults too. I shook the colors used by the artists and drawing equipment - like something like "Hercules" and the like - "The Lion King." In any case, it's a cartoon, which then with a sense of dignity you show friends and children, and to see who pulls)

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