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Напишите мини-сочинение на тему the way i'd like to improve the system of educations (Хотя бы на русском) План написания: Think about the things that you would change in the system of education:the age when children start and finish school; stage of school education; school curriculum;social life (clubs,centres,trips, etc.); exams. make a timetable of after-school clubs and activities. Tell about the tests and exams pupils will take.

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AS we know, it is very necessary to study. But,unfortunatelly, we may be against some rules of our educational system. First of all, I would like to change the age when children start school. In my opinion, it would be better, if children began to study at the age of 8. Secondly, I would like to change the school curriculum. We know that it's very hard for children to seat 7 lessons a day. And unfortunatelly children should be agree to visit Music for the first lesson, but they have Maths as the last lesson, it is very difficult for understanding.And thirdly, I would like to alter test and exams which pupilswill take. I would like to banish our State Exams which made pupils nervous and weak. In my opinion it should be less strenuous and  rigorous. And finally,children need a complex of extra-curriculum activities. It will be wonderful, if they have a lot of activities connected with  creative work, sport and health. I hope that our system of education will beone of the best world's educational system

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