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Топик про вымирающего амурского тигра на английском буквально 10-15 предложений

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The Amur tigers were on the verge of extinction (на грани вымирания) not so long ago. That's why the Amur tiger is listed in the Red
Book of Russia. 

The area of this tiger is concentrated on the banks of the Amur
and Ussuri rivers in the Far East. The Amur tiger is the most northern tiger. Its
wool is thicker than the wool of tigers living in warmer areas, and its color
is lighter. The basic coat color in winter is orange but the belly is white. His
usual prey (добыча) is deer, roe, wild boar, elk, lynx (рысь). Tigers occupy vast areas: tigeresses 300-500 square kilometers. And tigers (males) even more: 500-800 square kilometers.

The Amur tiger is concentrated in a
protected area so today it is no longer on the verge of extinction.

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