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Напишите пожалуйста несколько предложений о свой семье на английском языке используя следующие слова.

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1. My
name is Anna.  2. I am eleven. 3. I am
a pupil. 4. I go to school. 5. My favourite subject is Biology. 6. My dream is
to become a vet.

7. I
have got a family. 8. My family is very special to me. 9. My father’s name is
Ilya. 10. He is thirty-six. 11. He is very tall and he has got brown eyes and
black hair. 12. He is an economist. 13. He likes his work. 14. He works in an
office. 15. He likes to go to the cinema with me.

16. My
mother’s name is Yulia. 17. My mum is younger than my dad. 18. She is tall and
she`s got grey eyes and dark hair. 19. She doesn`t work. 20. She likes to read
and сook.

21. I
haven`t got a sister and brother, but I have got a pet. 22. It`s a big and lazy
cat. 23. Sheri is lazy because she is very old. 24. Now Sheri is about twelve.
25. Everybody in our family loves Sheri.

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