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You have received a letter from your English speaking pen friend Daniel Thanksgiving is the time to say "Thank you to those who have always cared for you. So I've written some Thanksgiving letters to the people who are very dear to me Mom is going to cook turkey today It's delicious! I like this holiday! ...Do you celebrate any holidays in autumn and winter, what are they? What holiday do you like best of all and why? What do you do on this day?..\ НАПИСАТЬ ПИСЬМО СО ВСЕМИ ПРАВИЛАМИ

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Dear Daniel
I am writing to say thank you for your letter that I've just got. I hope all is well with you and your family.
 In your letter you told me about celebration of Thanksgiving in your country. You know, we don't celebrate such holiday in our country. But we have some other holidays that are celebrated in winter. The greatest one is New Year. And this holiday is best loved not only in my family but all over the country. This day we prepare holiday table, cook a lot of tasty things. Nothing special, but different salads and what not. We decorate the new year tree and wait for the midnight. When the clock strikes twelve, we drink for the new year and congratulate each other. Do you celebrate this holiday? If you do, tell me about the tradition of celebrating it in your country.
Well, I'm sorry but I really have to go now. I hope to hear from your soon.
Stay in touch and do write.Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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