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Choose a project you'd like to do. The Trip I Enjoyed Very Much. Write about the trip you liked best of all. Explain why you liked the trip very much. Illustrate your story with photos or pictures.Выбрать проект вы бы хотели сделать.Поездка Мне Очень Понравилось. Пишут о поездка вам понравилась лучшие из всех.Объяснить, почему вам понравилась поездка очень многое. Проиллюстрировать свой рассказ фотографиями и картинками.Помогите!!!! Пожалуйста!!

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I went to Moscow with her parents during the summer holidays. Capital left me with the impression of a huge, great and rich city. I would like to visit it more than once.
Walking through the center, I saw the Kremlin, Red Square and saw the famous Astronomical Clock on the Kremlin tower, which sounds the battle on TV every New Year. But most of all I liked the St. Basil's Cathedral. His brightly colored domes andturrets, he recalled on a magical palace.
In Moscow, a lot of beautiful flower beds and fountains.

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