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Преобразуйте, если необходимо, слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста. Spectators at the Ancient Olympic Games Nowadays people all over the world can watch the Olympics on TV or listen to the sports news over the radio. They __________________ to travel to Greece or any other country to see the sports competition. NOT HAVE  In ancient times, the Olympic festival __________________ huge numbers of visitors to Olympia. BRING  They came from all over the Greek world, from Greek colonies in Italy, Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine. There were so many visitors that__________________ people had to sleep outside, under the stars. MANY  Foreigners __________________ Greece had a warm welcome. VISIT

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1. Don't have
2. Brought
4. Visited

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