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Exercise 4. Supply modal verbs or their equivalents in the  correct tense-form.  1. We ... to go to the plant with Mr Brown this Monday, but he  hasn’t arrived in Kyiv yet. We ... to go to the plant next week.  2. There is no stop near this building, you ... to get off at the next  stop.  3. These things are not duty-free. You ... to pay for them.  4. If you don’t leave now, you ... not come to the concert on time.  5. When ... the Sellers to deliver the goods?  6. We ... to reserve accomodations for Mr Brown tomorrow.  7. As the Buyer ... not provide shipping facilities the Seller ... to deliver the goods on these terms.

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1)Have to. We are going to go.
2)Have to
3) Have to 
4) you won't come
5) did
6)have to 

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