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Complete these dialogues. 1).A:..to a football match with me tonight? B:...and do my homework. A:...next week? B:...Thank you. 2).A:...a new video after classes? B:...Thank you all the same. A:...tomorrow? B:...I'd love to. ... 3).A:...to a party with me tonight? B:...but I'm afraid I can't make it. A:...Then why don't we...? B:...very much. 4).A:...Look, I've got two tickets to the theatre. ...? B:That sounds... . ...?  A:On Saturday.The play begins... . B:...Thank you.

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1)A: Do you want to come to a football match with me tonight? 
B: Sorry, I can't. I need to clean my room and do my homework. 
A: How about next week? 
B: I will gladly come next week. Thank you. 
2)A: Would you like to watch a new video after classes? 
B: I can't, I'm sorry, I have football practice, but thank you all the same. 
A: Do you want to do it tomorrow? 
B: Yes, I'd love to. See you tomorrow after school then. 
3)A: Do you want to go to a party with me tonight? 
B: I'd love to, but I'm afraid I can't make it. 
A: That's a pity. Then why don't we spend time together after school? 
B: I'd love that very much. 
4)A: Hey, Anna. Look! I've got two tickets to the theatre. Would you like to come with me? 
B: That sounds awesome. When are we going? 
A: On Saturday. The play begins at 7 pm. 
B: Great, I'm sure I will love it. Thank you.

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