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Work with your partner. Choose one of the seasons and describe what it was like in your region this year напишите текст на 15 предложений  Спасибо

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This year, the winter's been suprisingly colder than usual. It started getting pretty chilly already in autumn. Although the weather forecast predicted that it was only temporary and that the air would heat up in a few days, none of that happend. Instead, my mother even insisted on getting some extra-warm clothes I could wear under my usual outfit.
At the end of autumn it has snowed for the first time. I was really happy because I've missed the snow days.
Every day after school I would run home, change into warmer clothes and go outside to play with the other kids in my neighborhood. We had snowball fights, we built ice castles and snow slides. All of that positive energy was having a really positive effect on me, it made me forget about my troubles at school.
Me and my friends made a plan on how to spend our christmas. On the 31 of December we would run outside and launch fireworks into the sky.
Needless to say, our plan worked and it was the best christmas ever!
It started to thaw out towards March and I was really sad to see the snow go away.
To sum it all up, the winter was really colder than usual, but that didn't mean it was worse. On the other hand: it definitly was more fun than our usual winter, and me and my friends hope that it'll be the same next year.

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