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Напиши 6 предложений о поездке вы планируете иметь в летний период. Используйте некоторые из следующих слов: путешествие, отпуск, прибывают, багаж, тур, достопримечательность, заказать билет, место у окна, экскурсионная, гид, пассажирский.

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1.this summer I am going to have traveling to two country's:Spain and Czech Republic.It will be like my vacation after hard exams.I can't wait to finally arrive there,get my luggage and go to destination.I will have a studying tour with learning English,Czech and Spanish.I am looking forward to summer.Hope everything will be amazing!

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This summer I going to go in the camp .There I will meet with new people and old friends .Than my family and I will travel to the village by car .There we will visit my grandparents. They have many animals : cats,dogs cows and goats .I think this summer will be the best. Держи))

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