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A bear is a true symbol of the wildlife. A bear is a very large and powerful animal well known to anyone. They are usually quite furry and can be brown or white (polar bears); even a panda can be called a bear.

For a human meeting a bear can be extremely dangerous, but in normal life, they are very calm and quiet, looking for some food and raising their baby-bears. Nevertheless, a mother-bear often avoid leaving its child with a father-bear as it can be quite dangerous too.

Depending on a habitat, their diet can vary significantly, but in most cases it consists of fish, roots, berries and other food can be found in a forest (or in a snowy area if we are speaking about white bears).

It is very interesting that bears, even if they are grown up, prefer to stay close by to their parents as long as possible.

Bears eat a lot in the summer and autumn to gain weight (mainly fat) to survive in winter, when it is impossible to eat regularly.

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