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Помогите пожалуйста!!! Я буду жутко благодарна!! Мне просто хотя бы 7 предложений переделать! Я буду очень благодарна! Заранее огромное спасибо! И будет максимум 30-40 баллов. Express the following sentences in the passive. Do not mention the subjects of the Active werbs Сами предложения которые надо переделать 1. She always tells us very funny stories 2. The people gave him a hearty welcome 3. They have offered my brother a very good job 4. The house agents will show us some very nice flats 5. The secretary didn not tell me the exact time of my appointment 6. They have never taught that rude boy good manners 7.the teacher has not asked Petee any questions at this lesson 8.people usually wish a newly married couple a long and happy life 9. They never tell me the family news 10. The examiners did not give us enough time to answer all the questions 11. A guide will show the tourists most of the sights of London 12. He did not tell me the whole truth.

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1)Very funny stories are always told by her
2)A hearty welcome was gave to him
3)A very good job was offered to my brother
4)Some very nice flats will be shown to us
5)The exact time of my appointment wasn't told to me
6)The rude boy's manner wasn't taught by them?
7)Petee wasn't asked any question this lesson

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