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Помогите пож. 1. If he (to be) more polite, people would respect him 2. If you hadn't broken the glass, you (not to wake) our son. 3. Helen (not to be) busy if she did her homework. 4. I would be happy if I (to write) the test well. 5. If my brother went to college, he (to become) a programmer. 6. If they (not to spend) all their money, they would be able to buy a new bike tomorrow. 7. You wouldn't be hungry if you (to have) lunch at 11 o'clock. 8. If she (not to be) busy, she would help you. 9. I would prepare for the control work if I (to be) you. 10. If Kate (not to go) shopping, she will tell us about it.

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1 was/were 2 wouldn`t have woken 3 wouldn`t be 4 wrote 5 would become 6 didn`t spend 7 had 8 wasn`t/weren`t 9 were 10 doesn`t go

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