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Choose the correct from of the verb (помогите пожалуйста употребить правильное время, номер вопроса - и правильное время, полностью переписывать не нужно) 1. I (had been waiting, waited) for those pills and drops for two hours before the were ready. 2. They (had been waiting, have waited) for an ambuleance cae for ten minutes before it arrived. 3. My son (had been taking, has taken) some medicine frim cold before breakfast. 4. Pete (had been looking for, has been looking for) a chemist's for a long tome before he saw a building. 5. A surgeon felt tried because he (had been working, worked) hard all day. 6. A chemist (had been making, made) a medicene for an hour brfore it was ready. 7. His father (had been working, worked) at this hospital for 25 years before he retired.

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1. had been waiting
2.had been waiting
3.. has taken
4. had been looking
5.had been working
6. had been making
7. worked

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