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Допишите хвостик разделительного вопроса 1. The boy wasn't taken home,.... 2. Our homework was not checked by the teacher,.... 3. The new rules were explained to you,.... 4. The words were not written in the blackboard,.... 5.  The English Channel was crossed by many swimmers,.... 6. The street was named after M. Bagdanovich,.... 7.  You were born in 1982,.... 8. This coffee wasn't grown in India , ...... 9. All the children were given presents ,.... 10  All the mistakes were noticed by the teacher ,...

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1.was he
2.was it
3.weren't they
4.were they
5.wasn't it
6.wasn't it
7.weren't you
8.was it
9.weren't they
10.weren't they

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