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4.Answer the following questions using impersonal sentences. 1.How long does it take you to do your English homework? 2.How long will it take you to cook supper? 3.How long did it take you to write a test in English? 4.How far is it from your home to the college? 5.How far is it from your home to the railway station? 6.Is it hot in summer in your country? 125 7.Is it warm today? 8.Is it dark outside

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1) It doesn't take me very long to do my English homework because I know English very well.
2) It will take me from an hour to an hour and a half to make supper.
3) It took me half an hour to write a test in English.
4) My home isn't very far from the college, only about two miles.
5) My home is about five miles away from the railway station.
6) It is usually very hot in summer, especially in July.
7) It is very warm and sunny today.
8) It is not dark outside, because it is spring.

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