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Dear Sal, You 'll never guess where I am writing / write from. I am sitting / sit in the garden of a hotel overlooking Lake Windermere. It's so good to get away. We stay / have been staying here for nearly a week now. Every morning I get up / am getting up at 7 o'clock and I go / have gone for a swim in the lake before breakfast. Since we arrived , we do / have done a lot of sightseeing but we have not visited / do not visit the castle yet. We watch / have been watching the boats coming and going all morning and the owner of the hotel has just suggested / suggest that we take a boat trip this afternoon. There is a boat that is leaving / leave at 2 o'clock that we can take to cross the lake to Wray Castle - it sounds like fun. We travel / are travelling to Scotland this weekend to visit relatives and then we return / are returning to London next week. What do you do / have you been doing in Devon since you got there? Email me soon and tell me your news. Mary. Помогите пожалуйста

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I am writing, I am sitting, we have been staying, get up, go, have done, have not visited, have been watching, suggested, leave, are travelling, we return.

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