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Make sentences in Present Continuous. 1. The monkey / not make faces. 2. The lions / not run in the jungle.  3. The bird / not fly in the sky. 4. The giraffe / not eat the glass. 5. The cat / not climb the three. 6. The hippo / not sleep in the water. 7. The rhino / not swim in the water. 8. The zebras / not run fast. 9. The crocodile / not drink water. 10. The sesl / not lie in the sun.

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1.The monkey isn't making faces.
2.The lions aren't running in the jungle.
3.The bird isn't flying in the sky.
4.The giraffe isn't eating grass.
5.The cat isn't climbing the tree.
6.The hippo isn't slipping in the water
7.The rhino isn't swimming in the water
8.The zebras aren't running fast
9.The crocodile isn't drinking water
10.The sesl isn't lieing in the sun

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