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Помогите вставить правильные формы  For years, city planners in Sweden have been creating green communities. These are places that use energy ___ and cut down on waste. (wise) In fact, what was once a dirty ___ site has been transformed into this kind of community. The area, known as Western Harbour, is found in Sweden's third largest city, Malmo. (industry) The area is a marvel when it comes to clean living. It has hardly any streets for cars; homes are linked by walkways and buses provide a regular ___ to the city centre. (connect) Homes were designed with "green points" in mind. A "green point" could be a plot of ground for growing vegetables, a nest box for birds or a ___ in which residents can plant flowers. Each home is required to have ten green points. (contain) The community is powered by 100% renewable energy. Solar panels collect energy from the sun and a nearby wind turbine provides an ___ supply of electricity. (end) More than just being green, architects made sure the housing ___ was pleasant to look at. Its combination of modern, futuristic design with more traditional styles helps make Western Harbour a joy to live in. (develop)

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