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Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужной форме (Perfect или Perfect Continuous) 1) Tom (smoke) ten cigarettes today.  2) Ron (study) very much this term.  3) It (snow) for two hours.  4) He (play) chess since he was eight. 5) Jim is away on holiday. He (go) to Spain.  6) I didn’t know who she was. I never (see) her before.  7) She (play) tennis since she was eight.  8) The match (finish) by 10 o’clock.

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1. Tom has smoked ten cigarettes today.
2. Ron has been studying very much this term.
3. It has been smoking for two hours.
4. He has been playing chess since he was eight.
5. Jim is away on holiday.  He has been going to Spain.
6. I didn't who she was. I have never seen her before.
7. She has been playing tennis since she was eight.
8. The match has finished by 10 o'clock. 

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