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Помогите, пожалуйста, решить задания. Буду чрезмерно благодарен. 1.Teddy’s words made me ______ uncomfortable. a) to feel b) feeling c) feel 2. Mrs. Pottson allowed her guests ______ in the living room. a) to smoke b) smoking c)smoke  3. Has the secretary come yet? I want to have my papers ______. a) to type b) type c) typed 4. I watched my brother ______ with his friends. I couldn’t help smiling.  a) played b) playing c) to play 5. Granny didn’t want my uncle ______ Jane Smith. a) spoke to b) to speak to c) speak 6. Our mom told us ______ as much as possible. a) not to be lazy and read b) not be lazy and read c) not to be lazy and to read  7. I have to get my papers ______ to the embassy. a) took b) take c) taken 8. There wasn’t much snow in the street. I saw a dog ______ the road a) ran along b) running along c) to run along  9.I have never noticed Jason ______ computer. a) played b) plays c) play 10. Mary would like her brother ______ Tom’s company. a) to avoid b) avoid c)avoided 11. We expected the Harrisons ______ a new cottage at the seaside. a) buy b) bought c) to buy  12. What makes you ______ his rude words? a) remember b) to remember c) remembering 13. He is likely ______ on Sunday. a) came b) coming c) to come 14. Karen is being very rude. I have never heard ..... to her mother like that before.  a) that she talks b) her talk c) her to talk 15. Your husband's passport is not valid. Why can’t you remind ..... his passport?  a) that he to have renewed b) him renew c) him to renew

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 feel, to smoke, typed, plying, to speak, not to be lazy and to read, taken, running along, play, to avoid, to buy, remember, to come, her to talk, him to renew

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