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Кому не сложно, напишите Письмо на Английском язык. ( Совершенно не знаю англ.яз.) В письме должен быть ответ на такие вопросы, как - Что посоветовать другу, пойти в театр или пикник, ( Свое мнение ). Часто ли я провожу выходные со своей семьей. И, Что я делаю в выходные. Слов - 100-150. Заранее, спасибо.

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Hi John,
I haven't heard from you for a long time.  How are you there?  Last time you wrote, you asked for advice how to spend a weekend.  Well, my family and I usually go for a picnic if we have a lot of  free time.  We can go fishing and swim there too because we usually go to the river.  Cooking and eating in the fresh air are a great pleasure too!  We can also play badminton or cards, or just sunbathe if it is hot and sunny.  I cannot say we go often for picnic.  I sometimes have to stay at work or have a lot of housework to do.  If we don't go for a picnic, we often spend a quiet day at home.  We just eat, watch TV and relax.  It is not so exciting as a picnic, but we sometimes need just a little rest at home.  Write about yourself and family.  I hope you are doing fine.

Love to you all,

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