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Расскажите про Кремль ( на английском ) от 12 предложений , срочно.  Заранее СПАСИБО.

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The Moscow Kremlin was built in 1482-1495. It is situated on the high left bank of the Moskva River, where the river Neglinnaya flows into it.

Just as the White House in Washington, the Kremlin in Moscow is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

If you look at the Kremlin's plan, you will see that it is an irregular triangle with the area of 27.5 hectares.

From the south of the Kremlin there is the Moskva River, in the northwest there is Alexander Gardens, and in the east there is Red Square.

The present red walls and towers of the Kremlin were built in 1485-1516. At the top the wall is decorated with the teeth in the form of a swallow's tail. On the outer side the wall is smooth and the inner side of the wall is framed with arched recesses for reinforcement and facilitating the construction. In the Kremlin there are five palaces and four cathedrals.

Along the walls there are twenty towers. The tallest tower is the Troitskaya Tower. New Year is traditionally greeted by the Russians with the chimes of the Spasskaya Tower.

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