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Сочинение на тему Прокопьевск 80 лет назад. На англиском языке материал 6 класса(вместо siti использовать Town)

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In the 18th century, our city of Prokopyevsk the village of Monostyrskoye which after construction of church святго Prokopy began to be called Prokopyevsk stood still. In 1914 the geologist Lagutin L.I. I investigated a coal mestorozhdeniiya in the village, and in 1916 his pupil Yavorsky V. I has made the card the card of coal layers. In 1917 coal mining on cuts has begun. In 1921 have resumed construction of the railroad for transportation of the extracted coal. In 1923 in the city construction of the first Coke mine has begun, and in 1927 the first mine-rescue group has appeared. On May 10, 1931 the village has been given the status of the city and the new constructed Voroshilov's mines, the Black mountain have begun to work. B1932 to year in the city have opened mountain technical school and have put Zimink's mine into operation. Gradually such as mine of Kalinin, of Dzerzhinsky, mine Maganak, the Red Coal miner, Southern and East built new mines. New gornyatsky settlements grew in the city. For 1941-1945 more than 25 million tons of coal have been given. For a contribution to providing the Great Victory on June 26, 1981 have awarded the order to the city the Labour Red Banner.

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