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This strange story happened some years ago. Put the verbs in the correct form (Past Simple or Past Progressive). There is an example (0) at the beginning. The month (0) was (be) December and I (1) _____ (hunt) all day long. It was dark and it (2) _____ (snow). I (3) _____ (think) that I was lost. I (4) _____(want) to get back to Dwolding where we (5) ______ (stay) with my family for a week. I (6) _______ (look) at the family photo when I (7) ______ (see) a light. An old man (8)________(walk) to me with a lamp. I was happy to see him. He (9)______ (take) me to his house. In the house he (10) _______ (give) me supper. While we (11) _______ (eat), I (12) ______ (see) that it (13) ______(not snow) outside.I (14) _______ (have) to get back to my family so I decided to leave.  (from “The Ghost Coach” by Amelia B. Edwards)

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1 i was hunting
2 was snowing
3 thought
4 wanted
5 stayed
6 was looking
7 saw
8 was walked
10 gave 
11 were eating 
12 saw 
13 didn t snow
14 had 

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