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СРОЧНО!!!!!!!Составьте небольшое сочинение про любой музыкальный инструмент на английском!!!!СРОЧНО!!!!

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My hobby is playing the piano. It is very interesting ang cool. I have been playing for 6 years old.  I can play others songs. Sometimes I don't wont to play, becouse i am very tired of my school lessons , of musical school. So I love my hobby!

At musical school we have 4 subjects: Solfeggio, Choir, Music Literature, and Occupation. Of course, I choose the piano. For the first few years I don't experience any learning difficulties.  I attended the piano classes with pleasure. As for the chorus, I love to sing, and be also happy to do it.
I still love listening to music; it is always with me, moving in the street, I always listen to music using the headset. When I'm sad, I raise the mood with the help of music. In general, I can't live without music. I will say that music is the best friend, who always accompanies me .

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