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Hello, Liz! Z
I'm happy you have written to me so quickly. You asked me to tell about my New Year holidays. They were really interesting and tremendous.
On the 1st three days all members of my family decorated our flat. My dearest brothers - the former is my elder brother and the latter is younger than me - decorated our room with me. A great deal of different toys, stickers and tinsel adorned our cozy room. Such a beautiful scene! Z Celebrating the New Year was also amazing. My mom had cooked very delicious food - it's a pity you have never ate it. We danced and laughed all night long, and we met New Year in a good mood. Z At the other days we visited some museums and galleries. It was so exciting: every day I discovered something interesting ang new for me. Z And how did you spend your holidays? How did you met the New Year? Z With best wishes, *your name*. [Примечание: Z - это начало нового абзаца].

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