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Как нужно вести себя на улице

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The man who decided to go out, have 1. to go out clean and neatly dressed. in sneakers, faded homemade leotard or robe -is unacceptable. 2. keep your back straight, to tread softly, stepping from heel to toe, while not shuffling soles. Stomp your feet, to run fast while pushing passers-by, is impossible . 3.Much to swing the arms when walking is not necessary. Violently gesticulating not worth it. 4. Even if you are in a hurry, we should not push people or run out into the roadway. 5.no need to go on the oncoming traffic of pedestrians. 6. If you accidentally hit someone, you need to apologize, clearly pronouncing words. 7. If you go past a shop window and want to look at the exhibited products there, you should go closer to the wall of the store. To stop in the middle of the sidewalk is unacceptable and in that case, if you met on the street a friend and decided to talk to him. It is best to move him to the side. If you go in a large group it is best to not go the line, and one by one or in pairs. 8. If you see one carrying a heavy load, offer him help, but asking permission. The use of addresses of type "father" , "grandfather" or "grandmother", etc. is not permissible. 9. if you need help, you need to apologize and politely ask that to a passerby: "would you please ...10. Before helping to bring the stroller on the bus or raise the stairs, you should also ask permission. But you don't need to appeal to a young mother with the words "woman" or "girl" . 11. "To point the finger ugly" — extend your arm. 12. the inadmissibility of deliberate and careful scrutiny of people passing by. considered indecent looking at pregnant women and people with disabilities. Men should not stare and give annoying attentions to women. Moreover, if a man walks down the street with a lady. 13.So, coming out of the house on the street, you must not: — to spit; — correct clothing; — to chew anything; — throw on the sidewalk debris. — women - Smoking. 14. if on the sidewalk are two women on your right you have to go one that is older. If you go down the street in a pair of people of the same age, right - the one who occupies a higher social or official position. More respected or older person may take in a couple of place left if right to go unsafe. Child walking down the street with two vzrosleyuschim be placed between them. Adult, the leading of two children, should also go in the center. 15. if you meet a friend, which is accompanied by a strange or unfamiliar to you, welcome both. Turn away and not answer the greeting of the person with whom you do not wish to talk, is considered an act of indecent and impolite.

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