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Заполните пропуски предлогами времени at,in,on,by 1.i alweys get up...7 o'clock 2.we dont go to the college...sanday 3....sammer they often go to the seaside 4.he was born...10th april 5.they visited london...1998 6.she goes to the hospital...bus 7.our classes begin...8 a.m

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Ответ №1

1 at
2 on
3 in
4 on
5 in
6 by
7 at

Ответ №2

I always get up at 7o clock
we dond go to the college on sunday
in summer they often go to the seaside
he was born at 10th of april
they visited London in1998
she goes ti the hospital by bus
our classes begin at 8a.m

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