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Опис англійською іспанії

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The nature in Spain is very beautiful, and all trees were green when we came there. I saw the deep and blue sea, and I wanted to swim. But on the third day of our staying in Spain we saw dark clouds, and so we decided to go sightseeing around the town. There I saw real Spain’s life. It was very attractive to me.

During the first week of our trip we only swam in the sea. It was very warm with large waves. Near the rocks there were a lot of different fishes, and all the tourists watched them. One day we went on the excursion. It was the excursion to the Salvador Dali Museum – a famous Spanish painter. We went to his castle and admired his garden around it. There were many trees and beautiful flowers. But the main purpose of our trip was to see his paintings. All the pictures are very unusual and strange. But this mystery is a drop of real art. And what his moustaches are! We also saw his wife in his paintings. So I can say that the excursion was amazing. Near the castle we saw a field of sunflowers. It was all yellow and very beautiful. After the excursion we went to a Spanish cafe. There we tasted delicious pasta.

It was the best day of the trip, I should say. We bought a lot of souvenirs and books about the life of Salvador Dali. I think that when you come to Spain, you should visit this Museum

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