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Напишите одно предложение с каждым словом:  1)usual-usually-as usual-unusual  2)occasion-occasional-ocasionally  3)to end-to finish-to be over  4)to start-to begin-to get ready for  5)on sunday-at five o,clock-in cafeteria...  6)full time student-part time student  7)freshman-second year student-school graduate

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1) That's his usual behaviour.
I usually do my homework in the evening.
He's late as usual.
It's unusual for him to sit home all day.
2) Weddings are usually happy occasions.
Other then occasional attempts to draw him out, she respected his privacy.
Occasionally I climbed and shook the trees.
3) My friend decided to end my sufferings and told me the truth.
I finished my homework just in time that day.
The game is over, we found you.
4) I want to start a new life this Monday.
Now I'm beginning to understand his point of view.
Get ready for the party, it starts in a half of an hour.
5) Me and Mary want to meet on some Sunday.
Drinking tea at five o'clock is an old English tradition.
We met our teacher in the cafeteria.
6) As John is a full time student, his parents send him money regularly.
Jane is a part time student, in her free time she works as a cashier.
7) A group of scared freshmen crowded near the exit.
In the USA a second year student is called a 'sophomore'.
She needs to go to the graduate school if she wants that doctoral degree.

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