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II Put the verbs in the Past Simple and the Past Continuous.When you ______________ (phone), I ___________ (play) a new computer game.When the teacher _____________ (come) into the classroom, Steven ____________ (make) fun of Ann.Yesterday a small satellite _________________ (move) towards our space station.We _________________ (repair) the spacesuit at 7 p.m. yesterday.It ______________ (rain) all day long on Thursday.It _____________________ (rain) when he _____________ (get) up yesterday morning.I _________________ (see) that Nancy ____________ (write) a letter.While I _________________ (work) in the garden, I _______________ (find) a kitten.

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Phoned, was playing
came, was making
was repaired
was raining
was raining, got
i saw, was writing
was working, found
вроде правильно

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