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1.отметь предложение с глаголом to be 1)i often write letters to my friends 2)i like ice-cream very much 3)she has enough money to buy a computer 4)i am afraid he has missed his chance 2.выберите нужный глагол -I'll try to get along ... my little brother 1)to 2)of 3)for 4)with 3.отметь правильный ответ  would you like to change anything in yourself? 1)yes I'd love to 2)yes I do 3)no please 4)no I do not 4.закончите предложение if take part in the competition... 5)составьте предложение you/responsible/for/are/what?

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1) 3,4 2)1 3)1 4)if we take part in the competition you have to prepare hard 
5)you are responsible for it

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