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♡♡♡♡Написать письмо, приглашающее своего друга английском приехать в ва родной город. напишите о том, чем ваше место славится. Опишите погоду и климат в вашем регионе. Пожалуйста на англиском с переводом♡

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Hello, my dear friend! As you know from our correspondence, I live in the city of Novosibirsk.I would like to tell you about it:Novosibirsk - a large, but not very beautiful. "Appearance" city of a gray, gloomy. This is due to his past. But this darkness develop beautiful works arhetektury or theaters, parks. Arhetikturnoe most beautiful building in the city - Opera and Ballet Theatre. (T.opery Photo)It is placed in the center of the city, on Lenin Square. Before the theater is a beautiful park. At night the city lights shining, it is very krasivo.V city has many shopping malls - never a dull moment. ovosibirsk - modern city, and I would be happy if you came to visit me.Tell me about your city. Waiting for an answer

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