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Нужно исправить ошибки в предложениях (present perfect simple and continuous). Одно предложение является верным. 1) You've written that application for two hours. Haven't you finished yet? 2) I haven't been having any experience in this kind of work. 3) Yolanda hasn't been passing her French exam. 4) Have you ever been wanting to change jobs? 5) I've waited for an email from Alice, but she hasn't sent anything yet. 6) Dad's cleaned his car for two hours and he still hasn't finished. 7) Our next door neighbour has just lost his job. 8) That's the first time I've been enjoying a Maths lesson.

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1)you have been writing this app. for 2 hours .Havent you finished yet.
2)i havent had any experience in this job.
3)yolanda hasnt passed her exam.
4)have you ever wanted to change jobs?
5)i have been waiting for an email form alicem buf she hasnt sent anything yet.
6)dad has been cleaning his car for 2 hours and he still hasnt finished.
7)здесь все правильно
8)thats the first time i have enjoyed a maths lesson.

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