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Сочинение по англ га тему улица Баумана

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Bauman street is one of the oldest streets of Kazan. In the era it was called the Kazan khanate, the Nogai road. In 1552 during the storming of Kazan Kremlin in Moscow by Ivan the terrible, both the Northern and southern walls of the streets was shattered by the explosions, and the street was named Prolomnaya first, and then big Prolomnaya. In the XVI century, in the continuation of the existing buildings North of the street, in the southern part of his new settlement, which later received an Epiphany of the name the name of the Church built here. In 1930, the street was renamed in honor of the native of Kazan of revolutionary Bauman. This name has survived to the present time, although in the post suggested it rename Chaliapin.The street was beautifully landscaped and decorated in the early 1990s, and the first in the pedestrian area of the city began in 1986. Before the street was paved in 1948, the first trolley bus line in the city ran its routes No. 1,4 (previously 7) and several bus routes, to 1935, until in 1899 the tram - the tram. Vehicle access to the street, it is located at the beginning and end of the two metro stations and the Ploshchad Tukaya (trolley and bus), from across the street Ostrovsky and the Kremlin (bus), pravo-Bulachnaya street (trolley and bus).During the quarter in the Northern part of the street was built in designs, but haven't finished and not working (due to organizational and technical problems with the reconstruction of the neighboring building of the hotel "Kazan") shopping and entertainment underground gallery, which has several separate entrances from the street and it provides access to the South entrance of the metro station "Kremlin".

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