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1) Reading
1)d, 2)c, 3)b, 4)e, 5)a.
2) Writing
2. What are your favourite things?
3. How old are you?
4. Who are your special friends?
5. What is your school name?
3) Writing
I`m Stella and I`m 11 years old. I`m from Ireland. My school`s called the St Agnes Secondary School. Mr O`Brien is Irishman. He`s 26. There are 24 students in my class - all girls. My special friends are Donna and Mellie. My favourite school subject are Endlish and PE. My favourite school thing in the class is DVD player.
John and I are from London.
Moscow is in Russia.
1)Перевожу : 2.без четверти семь; 3. 2:25; 4.  7:50; 5.  7:05:  6.  2:40.
2)2.I`ve got geography at fifteen past ten on Wednesday.
 3. I`ve got PE at twenty past eleven on Tuesday.
4. I`ve got art at querter past twelve on Friday.
5. I`ve got biology at thirty-five past two on Thursday.
3) Apple, cake, chop
4) 2. Have you got any keys?
Yes, I have.
3. She hasn`t got any money, but she has got a wallet.
4. We have got some cake in our lunchbox.
5. You have got three sandwiches in your bag.

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