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Choose the correct word or phrase. 1)When she was a girl, my mum would / used to live in a village. 2)I really can’t be / get used to having a new baby brother. 3)People would / are used to die of diseases in the past that we can cure today. 4) There would / used to be a cinema on this corner, but they knocked it down. 5)It was strange at first, but I‟m used to play / playing the bagpipes now. 6)Didn't you use to / be used to have blonde hair? 7)Christopher was being / getting used to the idea of joining the army. 8)People never would / used to be so worried about crime in this area.

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1) used to 2) get used to 3) used to 4) used to 5) playing 6) use to 7) getting used to 8) used to be

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